Firewood and biomass log sales in Uttoxeter

Our firewood is ready for use with all wood burning appliances with the majority of logs cut to 250mm (10”) in length and split where required into a range of sizes producing some larger logs for overnight or prolonged burning. If you have a special size requirement we can cut logs to your specified length between 200-500mm (8”-20”) long (additional charge may apply) however the firewood produced may need further seasoning in your store before burning so early ordering is advised.

Self-supply biomass log and chip or delivered biomass log solutions please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Firewood and why it’s a good fuel to heat your home or business.

Quite simply firewood produces the same amount of CO2 when burnt as if it was left to rot on the woodland floor. Sustainability comes from woods and forests where trees are managed to promote the overall health, vigour and longevity of the woodland or forest crop ensuring future tree cover to continue absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Hardwood or Softwood which to burn?

Well we would recommend a mixed delivery of both and here’s why.

Softwood is a faster growing timber and therefore doesn’t produce the tighter, denser growth rings of deciduous hardwood’s it does however contain resins within the lower density timber which act as a natural firelighter this gives a fast heat output in the initial lighting and establishment of the fire to warm the fire bricks, stove or appliance creating an efficient burn warming the chimney or flue creating better draw and less potential for tar deposits.

Softwood does burn faster and that’s why we would recommend moving to hardwoods once the fire is established. Deciduous hardwoods are slower to grow so produce a denser timber giving a longer burn and sustained heat output.

Storage of your firewood once it’s been delivered.

Of course we would love to build you one of our purpose built firewood stores where we can build and site a store to your own unique requirements. Alternatively anywhere off the ground so air can flow freely underneath whether it’s on pallets or raised base with slatted sides and open front, waterproof roof sloped away from the house or building walls ideally in a position with good airflow and sunshine.

Seasoned and even kiln dried firewood stored outside will still have some surface moisture so it’s a good idea to bring the logs indoors in the morning so they are ready to burn that evening.

Locally sourced for low environmental impact.

At Woodland & Forestry we care about our environment and as part of our ongoing commitment to minimising our carbon footprint we source all firewood locally, reducing transport emissions. All wood is sustainably sourced from our contracting operations and reused woodland products.


We deliver loose tipped loads FREE to your property within a radius of 12 miles from Uttoxeter and to all areas within North Staffordshire for a small delivery charge.

Receive a free sample net of kindling with your first order then use your unique account number shown on your invoice to recommend us and when they place their first order you also get a net of kindling delivered with your next order as a thank you.

We are happy to help you move your firewood however there may be a handling charge of £ 10.00 per half hour.

Firewood quantities and pricing:-


Netted dry softwood kindling sticks are ideal for lighting open fires, stoves, fire pits, chimineas, barbecues and Pizza ovens.

Only £3.00 each.

We’ve chopped 50p off a net of kindling now only £2.50 each.

Log nets

Convenient and clean netted quantity of logs.

Hardwood only £4.00 each

Softwood only £3.50 each

Loose tipped loads

Ordering your barn stored loose tipped firewood is easy, simply choose half (1.2m3), full (2.4m3) or Maxi (3.0m3) load, select hardwood, softwood or mixed load and remember the larger the load you order the more you save, this also helps us to reduce our transport emissions.  Check the price comparison chart to see how much you can save.

Type & size of load Load price Comparison cost per cubic meter
Hardwood logs    
Half load 1.2m3 £115.00 £95.83
Full load 2.4m3 £210.00 £87.50
Maxi load 3.0m3 £260.00 £86.66
Softwood logs    
Half load 1.2m3 £95.00 £79.16
Full load 2.4m3 £170.00 £70.83
Maxi load 3.0m3 £210.00 £70.00
Half hardwood & half softwood logs    
Half load 1.2m3 £105.00 £87.50
Full load 2.4m3 £190.00 £79.16
Maxi load 3.0m3 £235.00 £78.33


Solid Fuel (Coal)

Packed in 25 kg bags available in Doubles, Trebles or Blue Flame for delivery with your firewood order.

Doubles only £8.50 each

Trebles only £9.50 each

Blue Flame only £10.50 each

Free delivery when delivered with firewood orders or for minimum quantities of 1 ton.